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Our Services and Capability

1) Value Added Processes.

a. PDQ provides a wide variety of value added processes including: Heat Treat, Debur, Zinc (clear and black trivalent), Nickel/Chrome, Nylon, PVC Dipping, E-coat, Robotic and Spot welding, Staking, Spinning, and Automated Assembly.

2) Progressive Metal Stamping.

a.  30  to 300 Ton. Press stroke range from 2” to 8”. Max bed size 84" x 48".

b. Material from .024” to .135” thick 1055, 4130, HSLA, 304 ½ hard S.S., and DDQ (draw quality steels).

Our highly developed Process Monitor and Control Log enable press operators to monitor major, critical, and SPC dimensions at the press.

3) Precision Progressive Dies for Precision Metal Stampings.

a.  Our progressive dies are designed to utilize specialized sensors (proximity, mechanical, optical, and laser) to aid in complex timing issues, slug detection, burr detection, stock detection, part ejection, thread verification, punch breakage, stock thickness, and more. Every progressive die has a customized Maintenance Schedule that utilizes SPC feedback data ensuring that all dimensions are in tolerance from maintenance to production.

4) Packaging and Labeling of Customer Product.

a. PDQ can tackle your most demanding packaging schemes. All product containers receive AIAG certified bar code labels.

b. Our goal is to maximize product count versus footprint area, maintain product integrity during transit, and conform to all customer specified requirements.


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